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Deliver a seamless experience

Optimize, protect, grow, trust…

Optimize digital commerce with the InnoVerseHub ELT Platform for Retail.

Drive personalized omnichannel experiences, build customer loyalty and help keep sensitive data protected and secure.

Engaging, timely and personalized experience is key to customer loyalty and growth.

Make trusted data actionable at scale to enable a highly engaged, convenient customer experience across all channels and platforms.

Features and Benefits

Data democratization leads to many outcomes, all of which lead to greater efficiency, profitability, and success for your business.
Elevate your retail organization with data democratization
Allow business users to directly consume curated data such as sales reports, stock levels, commission plans and performance, helping them to act at speed and minimizing the time to value from your information.
Elevate the Retail Experience
Create relevant, personalized experiences to boost customer loyalty and increase revenue. With access to your customers’ key data, such as their age, gender, location, and other demographic traits, average income, and interests, you and your team can tailor marketing activities and materials that suit consumer groups and individual buyers.
Expand your Reach
Produce rich, relevant and personalized content to deliver customized and engaging shopping experiences, by using your data to create and curate suggestions based on the particular tastes of an individual. With the power of data analytics, you can keep customers engaged and wanting more.
Get Full Visibility
Increase Personalization
Optimize Supply Chain Operations
Understand supplier risk with improved supply chain transparency, reduce supplier disruption, and optimize supplier spend. Embed data from inventory control systems alongside your financial information to understand the cost of stock holding and transport. Bring together data from suppliers and last mile delivery to visualize the true end-to-end costs and timing of your processes.

Optimize your marketing technology stack to understand customer needs, increase relevance, and deliver seamless experiences. Target the right customer at the right time using the InnoVerseHub ELT Platform.

Increase agility by aggregating data from multiple sources. Leverage clean data and AI services for near real-time intelligence to evaluate patterns in processes allowing for accurate forecast of sales and demand.

Client success stories

Reducing costs with enhanced revenue attribution and reporting efficiency: CoinMena

Centralised P&L data for accurate reporting in Looker dashboards

Building a data warehouse to drive complete operational measurement: Swoon

160 hours per month in manual reporting and processes saved

Migrating to a modern cloud stack: Travel Chapter

Data modernization and requests done 4 X faster

Easy data management to power your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way






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