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Case Studies
Learn how InnoVerseHub helps businesses across industries and departments.

Client success stories

Reducing costs with enhanced revenue attribution and reporting efficiency: CoinMena

Centralised P&L data for accurate reporting in Looker dashboards

Building a data warehouse to drive complete operational measurement: Swoon

160 hours per month in manual reporting and processes saved

Migrating to a modern cloud stack: Travel Chapter

Data modernization and requests done 4 X faster

Custom connector delivery to accelerate financial reconciliation: Huel

58 FTE days per month saved

Gaining insight to accelerate business growth

50% reduction in time from ingestion source to analytics output with self-serve reports.

Gaining insight to accelerate business growth

Over £20,000 saved per year due to the ability to now calculate VAT on individual products per day, rather than entire orders.

Implementing analytics stack without engineers

30% reduction in time from application to offer for Molo customers.

Saving time & money by owning your Data Analytics Stack

Marketing attribution capabilities now in-house, saving over £2,000 per month.

Using data to scale

2.5 working days saved per month on previously manual processes.