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Gain full visibility over your customer journey, learn which channels are most effective, understand how each of them contributes to conversions, and optimise performance.
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AI-powered insights to optimise your campaign performance
Visualise and optimise your customer journey
Unify data, compare touchpoints, and visualise your customer journeys for better attribution insights
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Unlock comprehensive insights with centralised analytics
Seamless setup
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Tailored insights
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Visualise your data with user-friendly dashboards that suit your specific needs to make informed decisions and maximise ROAS.

Customisable reports with AI driven recommendations

Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution

Gain an unbiased view of conversions across digital channels
Identify channels contribution regardless of conversion point
Act on specific recommendations to maximise ROI

Paid Channels Comparison

Harmonise and optimise data across all your paid channels
Connect to all leading marketing channels.
Add brand new channels on demand

Media Mix Modelling

Blend online and offline data for 360° performance view
Identify optimal budget allocation across all media channels
Fully customise the activities or channels you track

Customer Cohort Trends

Understand user behaviour and its evolution.
Quickly assess marketing performance and track events impact
Tailor marketing strategies based on user behaviours

Gain a competitive advantage using the most advanced data technology

Unified Model for Accurate Comparisons
Unlock true like-for-like comparison metrics by leveraging our unified model. Combine data from different sources, handle naming variations, and analyse campaigns consistently.

Advanced AI Modelling
Understand your customer journey effortlessly with multi-touch attribution. Identify top-performing channels and campaigns

Multi-Model Comparison
See the difference between “first click”, “last click” and “multi-touch” all in one dashboard.

Downloadable Data
Download a spreadsheet showing all of your campaigns across all your sources in one, unified comparison by Return On Ad Spend.

Visualise Data in your Favourite Way
Choose between your preferred BI tool or leverage our easy-to-use dashboards

Over 600+ Ready-to-use Connectors

Ready-to-use connectors combine your data effortlessly, no data engineer required.

Easy data management to power your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way